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So, Kim Hyun Joong is my Bias and will be even after Hell Freezes Over. He is my Only One and I will always be his Noonim! But... I have to admit these next 5 have given me a stray thought or 500...
#1. Lee. Jong. Suk. OH MAH GAWD! I have so CHEATED on my Hyunnie! This man is just PURE SEXY! The Lips and the Smile! Killer! I am SO DEAD!
#2. Kim Jaejoong. It's all about the eyes with this one. He has me like a deer in headlights. It's OVER! He has STOLEN me and says, 'MINE!'
#3. Song Jae Rim. Leader Mo Il Hwa. Nothing more need be said. I lost my s*** every time this man came on the screen in Inspiring Generation. Sorry, Hyun Joong, Baby! You were the star, but this man took my breath!
#4. Kim Jae Wook. He is just Geeky Sexy and has a Rock Band named Walrus! Wow!
#5. T.O.P. That Intense Stare and his Gentle Giant Persona. I am just stunned! So Hot!
So, the best part of my 5 Bias Breakers is they are all NOT ONLY SUPER HOT, but Serious Dorks as well! See I'm a sucker for a Geeky Guy! When the charm is turned off these 5 are such cut ups behind the scenes and actually seem as Smart as they are Sexy! And THAT is the NAIL IN MY COFFIN! Wow, they even pull off the BC Glasses well. If you don't know what BC Glasses are... well, maybe I'm showing my age. Let's just say these frames on other guys keep the girls FAR FAR away! LOL! But not my HOTTIES! They can still Rock My World!
@PassTheSuga ha ha ha! Yes, Jaejoongie used to be my #1 cheat but I have kinda fallen hard for LJS! He is just all kinds of sexy and I can't handle it! LOL!
@danidee here's a vid by Walrus
@poojas u need to see Coffee Prince then! Kim Jae wok is they sexy Japanese Korean barista! also he was in inspiring generation for a few episodes. also Antique Bakery movie based on an anime. He plays a gay character in the movie and is So Sexy you don't even care! lol!
I never heard of Walrus! But walruses are my favorite animal so I have to go check it out...
Jaejooong was my first ever bias way back in 2006 hahahahah I still love him with all of my heart haha
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