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1. Less is more

The more you put on the more you have to worry about. Let's not complicate things when you know you'll be sweating it off. Keep your makeup light and fresh! A tinted lip balm, soft bronzed cheeks, groom brows and long lashes is all you really need.

2. Prime

This is the secret to hold your makeup in place (especially important on a hot day). So, don't skip it.

3. Ditch the foundation

Forget about the full face contour. Use concealer where needed and let your skin breath! BB creams are a great alternative if you need a light, even coverage. Mineral foundation is not a bad idea either.

4. Wear waterproof products

If you must wear mascara and eyeliner during summer get a waterproof solution. You'll be thankful for not looking like you cried your mascara off under the heat.
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I love BB cream and tinted moisturizers! My skin feels like it's actually still breathing lol.
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