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Oregon Celebrating Legalization with Free Weed
As you probably know, marijuana usage has been legalized in varying ways in many states. Which is a big success for free use proponents!
However, in states like Oregon, though it has been legalized for recreational usage, the systems for legal purchase and sale of marijuana have not come through and will not be fully in place until 2016.
And so, some groups like NORML (which advocate for marijuana usage) are holding an event where marijuana will be given away free! Their hope is that this kind of even will help people become more familiar with safe usage of weed, while also preventing the black market and Washington State (where things are already set up) from reaping all the benefits of legalization in Oregon.
NORML will be holding their event at Burnside Bridge at 11:30pm on June 30th. At midnight all 21+ adults with valid ID will be given weed.
Another event called Weed the People will happen on July 3rd, and costs $40 but you can smoke as much as you want there, and take up to 7 grams home for personal usage.
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