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Not camping out at the beach for Fourth of July? You can still have as much fun outside your backyard. So, let's soak up that summer sun and play some epic yard games - the old school way.
Let's take a blast from the past now!

Outdoor Twister

Grab some spray paint and a circle-cut to make the twister board. You can adjust the size to fit the crowd!

Waterballoon Fight

Grab a bucket and small balloons. Fill them up and let the fun (battle) begin.

Giant Pick-Up Sticks

Remember this old fashion indoor game? You can take the fun outside and make it jumbo sized! Grab 33 bamboo yard stakes and spray paint with 4 different colors (8 per color). Plus one black stick. Full instruction can be found at iheartnaptime.


One project, two uses. After the BBQ party you can use the garden pavers as a backyard walkway.

Ring Toss Game

This is a fun game for the whole family and perfect for all ages. There are many ways to make, so be creative! Photo and Idea from Mom Endeavor.

Angry Bird

Forget about the phone. This life-sized angry bird game is 10x cooler! Grab a few old packaging boxes and build your own level.
Who said partying at home is boring?
When I was a little girl, my parents used to throw Summer Olympics parties for the neighborhood kids where we'd all meet in my backyard to play games like this. We'd play ring toss. We'd do long jump competitions. We'd do three-legged races. Even bubble gum blowing contests, and at the end, everyone would win gold medals. (And then we'd all eat tons of spaghetti. Because my mom insisted that that's how all good athletes should carb up.)
@danidee For my family, we always have dessert after games. My mom thinks it helps rejuvenate our body. lol