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I tested a new hairstyles on my friend today. I was going to do a faux fohawk and make it edgy but decided an elegant hairdo is easier. I didn't have much hair pins, so this is the best I can do with a limited resource.
Since she has really long and soft hair I didn't want the strand to slide off when I put up later. So, I section it off as pictured on the left. Then I finished off with a fishtail braid. Before proceeding to the next step I loosen the braid a bit to give it more volume.
Then I rolled it back, so the end is touching the head and pin it in place (making sure the tail is tucked in). The sides are a little loose so I fixed it with more bobby pins.
@jazziejazz Thanks! I actually messed up but tried to fix it with an updo. :)
I like this...