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Author Benjamin Spillman shared a picture of what's in his pack, and asked what criticisms and suggestions people had to make in regards to it!

He included:

- his camepack
- a windbreaker
- a rain jacket
- some water
- first aid kit
- water proof gloves
- trail mix
- GPS Unit
- cell charger
- multi-tool
- zip ties
- head and neck protection
- cliff and lava bars

A few things I'd suggest adding

- Paper map and compass

- Headlamp!!

What do you think he still needs?

A deck of cards!! I never go hiking or on any trip without one. Endless entertainment, even when you think you don't need it.
@jeff4122 That's a great idea!! I'll have to toss a deck in. I usually do take them on real long thru hikes but they would be fun on day trips, too.