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I've already written about the terrifying and dangerous Mount Huashan Trail in China (and just why it's so dangerous) but I wanted to update with a recent video I found from travelers Nomadasaurus. This trail is known as one of the most dangerous in the whole world, and I can see why. Are you ready to find out?
Look at those TERRIFYING heights! That being said, it doesn't actually look as bad (overall) as I thought it would, and I can feel my curiosity growing and growing....I'm not a huge fan of heights, but I've never actually panicked because of them, so I'm wondering if I would be able to get myself up there someday.

Would you be able to do it?!

@danidee I used to be so much more fearless but the older I get th emore I get dizzy spells, too!
I WOULDN'T. Oh boy. I get so dizzy when I'm by the edge of a really high cliff.
@danidee I feel like it's kind of a learn your limits kind of thing unfortunately :( I've never really heard of anything that helps the dizziness, just the nausea if you get that!
If there's any way to remedy those, I'd love to know because I feel like I'm missing out on some pretty stunning views!