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If you're looking for somewhere to hike in the southwest near Flagstaff that ISN'T insanely crowded but still has beautiful sites....well, actually you have a lot of options, but this is one of the best, I think!
People usually head to Elden Lookout or something like that, but this is O'Leary Peak, and it is beautiful!
There are lava fields, as shown off by reddit user xpotterkorex.
Dogs can come on the trail, which is awesome for hikers like @TrevorGoldley! I know you're in Utah, but next time you find yourself down in Arizona, check this one out :) I've also heard of people doing it on horseback, and it's a really wide trail because it used to be used as a service road.
The trail is a 8.7 mile out and back trail, rated moderate, and accessible year-round!
And you can find all the info you'd need (such as where to go to access it) over here!