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Hi everyone!

I'm Christina, and I'm happy to say that I'll be continuing as moderator for the Love and Relationship Community this next quarter. Yay!
Last quarter, I spent most of my time around the community making cards about hot movie make out sessions and trying to give advice to those that sent me anon love problems.
This quarter, I want to keep giving Love Advice (because I think it's so fun, so send me any problems you might have by message!!) and also maybe write up some posts about real relationships Vinglers have (maybe I can message interview some of you that are in relationships!)
Anyways, if there's anything you want to see, let me know!!! I'll work even harder this time to help us all feel a little loved :)
Oh, and if anyone is interested in being support (basically, help me make the community AWESOME!) please please please please let me know!!
I may not know as much about love than our dear boy Sam here from Love, Actually, but I'll try to share what I do know :)
Nice to meet ya'll!!
@ChristinaBryce Always!!! :D
@redridergirl @ChristinaBryce @fallingwater I think we all have awesome stuff to say :P hahah!
Well, I am not sure I am of any help but I will put my opinions in based on my experience. I think you @ChristinaBryce, @onesmile and @fallingwater have much better things to say!
@fallingwater @RedRiderGirl @onesmile Ya'll better keep helping me out over here, okay??