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Following is a Korean class created by a Korean native speaker Anna. For more Korean vocabularies, visit Laughing Beans
'The stress will be blown away'
스트레스 is often combined with the verb 날아가다 (blow away).
스트레스를 '한방에 (one shot)' 날리다 is also very useful expression (blow the stress away with one shot, or once and for all)
1) 운동을 하세요. 스트레스가 날아갈꺼예요. Please exercise. Your stress will be gone away.
2) 스트레스를 어떻게 한방에 날릴 수 있을까? How can I blow my stress away once and for all?
3) 스트레스를 날리는 방법을 가르쳐주세요. Please let me know how to blow away the stree.
The Youtube clip is a very comical commercial of a tour company called 여행박사 (Dr. Tour) in Korea.
I think this commercial is really well made because it does not just say 'Jump on a plane to go on a trip'. It shows the mundane everyday life that people usually want to get away from and it's easy for people to relate to.
It has multiple series and this one that I'm sharing is to promote a trip to Hokkaido Japan.
This series shows many useful and everyday expressions like,
"진짜 왜 이래요?"
"엄마, 울어?"
"이해가 안되네"
"여행한번 보내드려"
"이게 딱이겠군"
"잘 봐"
"스트레스가 날아갈꺼야"
Just as a side information, 차승원 (Seung-won, Cha) is a famous actor in Korea who became more popular these days after his appearance in 삼시세끼 (Three meals), very popular reality show by tvN. He's very comic and down-to-earth and most importantly, handsome with great body! :)