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After guest starring on this season of The Bachelorette, Amy Schumer decided that she wouldn't mind having her pick at 25 guys, so she told ABC that she would consider becoming next season's bachelorette.
This would be awesome. Amy Schumer is hilarious and I'm sure the dates and rose ceremonies would be endlessly entertaining. But more than that, I'd love to see Amy on the series because she wouldn't put up with any of the BS. Plenty of women who have been the bachelorette love hearing the sappy (and oftentimes stupid) things that come out of the contestants' mouths. Amy Schumer would never allow this.
She told ABC that she has a few conditions that'll have to be met if she is going to hand out roses next season:
1. They have to let her be her very honest self
2. The contestants must have real jobs, none of the odd occupations that often appear on the series
I personally love reading the ridiculous job titles that these (probably unemployed) contestants make up for themselves, but I'll sacrifice them for Amy Schumer as a host.
Hopefully The Bachelorette producers are up for this, but they seem to have pretty strict rules about what people can say and do on the show. I'm not sure Amy Schumer's inappropriate behavior will be allowed on the show, but I know I'd love watching it!
Chris Harrison is excited about the possibility, and as host, he has to have some clout, right?
@JordanNash same here, it's been the same production for so many seasons, this would be the perfect way to change things up a little! Honestly, I'm surprised they've never done a celebrity bachelor/bachelorette before, it seems like an obvious way to get more viewers.
I would totally LOVE if Amy Schumer was the next Bachelorette! I think the show needs a revamp anyway and this might be the best thing for them!
hellow how are you
@LauraFisher Agreed! I think it's a wonderful idea, even if they had a spinoff show for celebrities