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Most of us love the Fourth of July, whether it's for the fireworks, the barbecues, or a general love of patriotism. Some of us, however, aren't the most USA-loving, but still want to celebrate the holiday in style. If you want to look independence day ready, but not necessarily rock red white and blue all over, follow my guide for what to wear this Saturday.

Do wear: denim on denim.

There's nothing un-American about the Canadian Tuxedo. In fact, head to toe denim looks classic enough for any kind of summer fun, and is pretty all-American at that. As you'll see below, denim in general is an American staple, and cutoff shorts will take you right to the barbecue. I suggest pairing with a denim button-up of a different wash to avoid a unifrom feel. If you want to dress up the look, layer some delicate necklaces, or even a statement necklace under the collar, and carry a clutch.

Don't wear: leather.

It's hot, it's heavy, it's formal... it's frankly un-American, which is why it's usually a favorite of mine as I desperately try to achieve that European chic. But for the fourth, stay away from leather dresses, mini skirts, even a leather jacket. Nothing on this holiday should be that dressy that you need to amp up the look with leather.

Do wear: blue and white stripes.

This is technically straight out of Brittany, France, but blue and white stripes are also a classic American look that aren't straight from our flag. Layer a striped tee with a ladylike jacket and dainty jewelry like Miroslava for a dressier look, or under overall shorts for something casual and classic. Black and white stripes will also do in a pinch, but won't have quite the same effect.

Don't wear: seperates in red, white, and blue.

Especially don't let one of those seperates be red and white stripes. This is only one step down from wearing a full American flag, and that much coordination can easily look too cheesy. It's fine if you love that blue and white pair of shorts, just don't wear them with a red top unless you're looking for something more patriotic (which isn't this card).

Maybe wear: accessories that are red, white, and blue.

If your accessories mean that you subtly happen to be wearing red, white, and blue, like Cara is above, go for it. Blue jeans are a great way to make this happen without it looking too intentional or campy. Just add a red or white tee, and either a hat, a clutch, or shoes in the final missing color. Don't coordinate all of your accessories to be red, white, and blue! It's just too much.

Do wear: a brightly patterned romper or jumpsuit.

Floral and patterned dresses and rompers are staples for a reason. Don't avoid them today because they aren't red, white, and blue! A romper or jumpsuit will look a little more fashion forward than a sundress, which will work as well. Pick a fun print, because black monochrome isn't the most festive. Florals are good for summer all-around, and a romper or jumpsuit (for the bold) makes them look uncommon.

General suggestions:

* Denim is great for the Fourth of July. A denim dress, mini skirt, or the aforementioned Canadian Tuxedo will look perfectly stylish and appropriate this Saturday. Throw a denim jacket or vest over a little dress, romper, or jumpsuit, to add a little something extra.
* White jeans may sound like a good idea, and are super American summery, but in practice will likely get drinks spilled on them, grass stains, and other mishaps that you'll be worrying about all day and night. Save yourself the anxiety and skip them.
* If you want to wear your summery staples, but need to dress them down, a pair of converse is all-American and casual, but still cute. Dressing down a pretty dress with sneakers is cute and trendy, and will fit right in for fireworks and a casual party.
* Don't forget sunglasses! Pick a statement pair to take your whole look up a notch, and keep yourself cool and comfortable in the sun.
* If you want to have some little patriotic element, paint your nails red, white, and blue.