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The Lyric of the Day for today comes to us from a band I hardly know, but am going to start familiarizing myself with. On the note of great band names, which I've discussed in various cards recently, this one is as good as any: it's Middle Class Rut. The song is "Dead Eye."
"You can’t escape the feeling, it’s in everything you do
Consider yourself lucky that you have as much to lose
And try not to waste your life, thinking about the end
The message and the meaning, well you knew it all along
The thing about forever it goes on and on and on"
This lyric really does get after the "rut" part of the group's name: it's about busting out of that rut (brought about by middle-class-ness, or whatever?) and not "wasting your life, thinking about the end." I love that bit about forever, too.
It's a lyric that is good enough to take Middle Class Rut from a band that I know only by one song to a group I'll definitely be exploring when I can - stay tuned.
@SatishNair right on! This song is pretty much all I know when it comes to Middle Class Rut. do you know them well?
Awesome song