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Can we say 'Petty Girls'?

Well this doesn't sound good. Two big pop stars are feuding over their flopped summer single that got less than what they thought it deserved. Britney Spears and Iggy Azalea are pissed because their song didn't do well so instead of accepting defeat, they are throwing shade at each-other blaming for its downfall. It seems Azalea is having a lot of tough luck this year canceling an entire tour and being called a racist homophobe while Spears who is pop queen of the 90s doesn't care about Azalea's misfortunes.

The song only topped at No. 29 on the iTunes Charts...embarrassing.

Wow, they are really pissed. Spears was the first to attack proving that she still had plenty to do even though the song didn't do so well. With her shows in Vegas, it just continues to add value to Spear's fortune. But Azalea apparently had a different opinion when it came to promoting the song which she blames for its fault. Spears even pinned the music video today hoping it would get a little bit more attention as media swirls around speculations.
I personally hate this song because it's kinda boring. It's not that fun to dance to and there's almost no singing. It's all speaking and rapping and it's soooooooo auto-tuned. But I guess that's what you should expect from Spears.

All around the one likes your song.

They're only complaining because the song didn't make them a ton of money, put them up for any awards, or get them a ton of publicity. HOWEVER, the music video is doing extremely well reaching almost 80 million views. So it's not that bad...