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Bonjour tout le monde! Hello everyone!
This video will help you practice saying hello and goodbye in French. It's great because it teaches you both the formal greetings (which are the ones you use every day) and the informal greetings (which you use with friends only).
Ingrid has a beautiful French accent, so try your best to copy her! :)
Formal (Everyday / Business)
Bonjour = Hello, Good morning, Good afternoon
Bonsoir = Good evening
Au revoir = Good bye
À bientôt = See you soon
Greeting gesture: a handshake
Informal (Friends Only)
Salut! = Hi! / Bye!
Greeting gesture: la bise (a kiss on each cheek)
Note that you can use formal with everyone, but informal only with friends. Friends is defined more or less the same as you would in the states – is this someone you're familiar with, who you interact with on a first-name basis, someone you would spend recreation time with?
À bientôt, and happy French learning!! As always, let me know if you have any questions or vocabulary requests :)