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YASSSSSSS!!!! \(☆o☆)/ Just thought I'd post this just in case there were any of you out thurrr interested in watching. My Loco feelzzz<3 I just love that man. And this years producers.....Tablo's toughening up. Zico's got his game face on and I ain't gonna lie....boy can look hard js. @stevieq you we're so right about Verbal Jint being a bias wrecker.... San E too←_←.....why is it that once a man is taken he automatically becomes more attractive? SMH -_-# But any who....I haven't picked a rapper to win yet....I'll wait til solo performances to do that. But I do have my eye on P-Type.... And Mino of course....and Taewoon, I really hope he does well. I was also really impressed with Kim Min Jae tho! Ravi did well too. They didn't show Monsta X's Jooheon's audition which I was mildly disappointed with. Hahaha Black Nut..... Anyone listen to his track 100 ft Genius NoChang? If not i suggest you do....linked here. The man is insane but frickin hilarious (´ヮ`)
Thank you thank you thank you for this @PassTheSuga <3
Okay, after much debate, I decided I''d have to run into San-E's arms. I mean.. join his team.. yeah..
Uuuuggghh I knowww...the struggle (╥_╥)@danidee
I can't figure out which team I'd want to be on if I were one of the rappers on this show. SO MANY BAES.
@PassTheSuga Thank Youu ( ˃̶᷇ ‧̫ ˂̶᷆ )♡
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