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Share Your Favorite NEW Group!

Hey guys~
I've been talking to a lot of you and recently there has been a lot of people loving new groups!

Write your favorite rookie groups below so that we can spread the loooove!

My current favorites: Seventeen and Oh! My Girl!

Share your loves in the comments!
Seventeen is slowly pulling me in and I'm sure @kkkc can relate lol :P
@chelsiec25 @jiggzy19 A6P is SO GOOD. Seventeen and Romeo are my favorites too!!
Omg I just recently started to listen to seventeen and I think woozi is just the most adorable little thang! I saw him dance,sing,and do his agyeo and he was ultimately my bias
huummm for me i really like The Ark and Monster X oh and also UNIQ
ohh Seventeen is good, I fell in love with Adore U. it's a good song
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