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We all know it as a favorite Beatles song - and probably the best song George Harrison ever wrote and sung - but "Something" is also one of the most frequently covered songs that The Beatles have in their library. Here are my three favorites.

Elvis Presley

Ah, the King. Lennon, McCartney and the gang cited him multiple times as a major influence and one of their very favorite artists. Here, Elvis covers "Something" and does an amazing job with it. He seems to kind of get lost in the middle, maybe forgetting some lyrics (OK, definitely forgetting some lyrics), but croons his way through and makes us all sad that we weren't around when Elvis and the Beatles were duking it out for fame. This one is my favorite of the lot.

James Brown

George Harrison himself identified this James Brown cover as his personal favorite, and it's easy to see why. It's pretty classic James Brown - he's pretty much all over the place, and we forgive him. He changes gears pretty dramatically mid-way through, making the song totally his own. Cool stuff.

Joe Cocker (duh)

And to think I almost linked to a studio version of his cover.
The man who basically made his career covering The Beatles does not disappoint. He whines, he screams, he moves like he's possessed. And the backing instruments are on point.
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