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If you've ever watched Sex and the City, you know that Carrie Bradshaw asks a lot of questions. Every episode features a new question about life, love or relationships. I couldn't help but wonder- have some of Carrie's questions become a bit outdated for modern romance?
This question wasn't true then and it isn't true now. It's much more a product of Carrie's self-absorbed and paranoid personality. I like to think that these days, the women of New York have a lot more on their minds than sabotaging others. After all, we're adult women, not middle schoolers.
I don't think so. Today, we might be more career-oriented than relationship-oriented, but that doesn't mean we're evolving past them. If anything, I think the age of settling down will increase, with people in larger cities getting married later in life, spending their younger years establishing careers instead of relationships.
In the modern age of Tinder and OkCupid, love has become a lot more shallow. Immediately judging a potential romantic partner based on appearance is pretty common (we've all swiped left on plenty of people). Being exposed to so many faces both online and offline might make love at first sight a little less common, but for the true romantics out there, I think it's still possible.
I still don't really understand this question. If by bachelor she means unmarried person, then sure, I think today women are more likely to be "bachelors". Plenty of women focus on things other than settling down and starting a family at a young age, and if that makes us bachelors, then so be it.
God I hope not. This isn't the 1950s. I think women today are much more independent than Carrie, focused on their careers, friendships, etc. I hope that women today are looking for more than a knight in shining armor, focused instead on finding a compatible, sustainable partner.
I loved this card! I was very late to this show,( I had an ex who was in love with this show.. the way she went on and on about it actually swayed me away from it, lol) but I just finished Season five. I think this was a pretty cool theme on this one, you should keep this card series going?
I think some women probably still do just want to be rescued, though :) nothing wrong with that, if it's what they really need, though!!
@christianmordi thanks! That's a good idea, some of the stuff that Carrie says is pretty ridiculous so it shouldn't be too hard haha.
@onesmile yeah you're right, it's all different based on the person!