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As a ruggedly handsome twenty-something, 10,000 Saints is a movie that's definitely a must watch. It's set sometime in the 1980s -- the trailer doesn't really specify -- and it's a time that I (sort of) wish I could have experienced. 10,000 Saints captures an era of New York that some of us were too young to experience on our own and I think the film will be a good look into that past.
One of the things about this movie that makes me really excited for it is the music scene that the characters occupy. Sure, it seems like some of the narrative will revolve around a love triangle type of thing going between three of the characters and, yeah, it looks like it's a coming-of-age story for Jude (the protagonist played by Asa Butterfield) but it all happens through the lens of the hardcore scene.
There are moments in the trailer where we see Jude pick up a guitar or crowd surf. These moments resonate for me simply because that was the same type of scene I found myself in when I was a young teenager. I remember wishing that I was born a little earlier so I could see bands like Black Flag and The Minutemen and Minor Threat perform in front of me instead of blasting their tunes on a cassette tape. As you can probably tell, the anticipation I have for this movie is killing me.
10,000 Saints will be in theaters August 14, 2015
If Hailee Steinfeld is in it, I'm totally seeing it. She's a badass. The film looks cool! I'm secretly obsessed with 80s music and fashion... is there something wrong with me?
I agree @allischaaff! I may have a bit of a girl crush on Hailee Seinfeld...she looks so cool in this.
@allischaaff, No! There's nothing wrong with you. The 80s are forever. FOREVER.