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A friend showed up at Ben's job today to pass along some pictures of Ben's boyfriend cheating on him. At first, all he could do was cry in the bathroom stall for a while until he could wrap his head around it.
He really should have sensed something was up.
They didn't spend as much time together as they used to, and Eric said that Ben had been growing a little stale.
He left work early and picked up some gelato on the way home.
Then he called his mom. Big mistake there. Minnesota was the same as ever.
So he went out that night to his favorite dive, full of banana-hammocked dancers in impossible gogo boots. He decided to live a little. Get a little drunk. Throw caution to the wind, like all his favorite movies told him to.
He woke up naked the next morning in an enormous, elaborate marble bathtub with six or seven other men and women.
The hangover was profound, but he still smiled, thinking, “look at me now, Eric.”
I wrote this piece of flash fiction as a response and example to today's Flash Fiction prompt, to write a story about Desperation in 250 words or less. I hope I captured the feeling well!
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YOOOOOOO i love this!