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It's true! Sometimes neat and simple is better. At times, we may want to do this elaborate nail art design and it comes out awful. Many nail designs takes a lot of time, patience and dry time between many layers. When you don't give your nails enough time to dry between layers, you can sometimes end up with a yucky piece of nail art. Don't have much time? Go for a simpler nail polish look. All you need for this look is a base coat, green polish, glitter polish and a top coat! That's it! Nothing more! Just make sure you're neat about it. Don't walk around with messy nails please... If you do... Well...
I am glad you like the color! I will find out tonight-- I forgot what j specifically used @mikayla @onesmile
This would be perfect for a pool party. What kind of polish are you using? OPI? Essie?
I love this green color!!! Do you by chance know what it's called? @arios025
I don't remember the exact polish since I no longer have it, but I do recommend a high quality polish like China Glaze, OPI and Essie. I have learned that you get what you pay for... the cheaper the polish the more dull it seems to look. However, I do use Kiss Vita Strengthening Base and Top Coat which helps to add a lot of shine to any polish look you go for. :) @onesmile @mikayla
@arios024 Thank you!!! :)
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