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You're usually not a fan of the online dating world, but you've heard so many success stories -- you cave and give in.

It doesn't take you long to reluctantly download Tinder and immediately start swiping. A few swipes right and a heap of left swipes, you realize this isn't too bad. You think to yourself, could anything long term really come from a swipe anyway? Only time will tell.
Within minutes you get a message and much to your surprise, he's rather handsome.


You feel a rush of adrenaline while you casually try to figure out how to reply. You don't want to do too much, but you don't want to do too little. You finally write a quick reply and hit send, turning your phone over so you don't see when he replies. You question your sanity and try to calm your nerves.
After a few messages back and forth accompanied by a stomach full of butterflies, he ask to meet up. You weren't expecting to meet up, you just wanted to enjoy the luxury of having a guy to chat with throughout the day.
You question whether meeting up is the best decision, weighing both your pros and your cons. You ask yourself, 'what's the worst that could happen?' You oblige and start making your way to the bookstore on 14th and Broadway.
After a few blocks and a quick pep talk, you finally reach the door. He's standing there smiling at you with the most gorgeous smile and eyes you've ever seen. You think to yourself, this must be a dream.
You pinch yourself and much to your surprise you're wide awake and he's standing in front of you asking you to join him for a cup of coffee. You think to yourself, 'dreams do come true and boy is he dreamy.'
Yeah, I def think online dating has become "the norm". More and more people are doing it and you're hearing more success stories. I bet if you would've mentioned online dating when the internet first got big people would've cringed lol it's crazy how much technology has taken over -- even in the game of love. @alywoah
I think Tinder has a lot of good in it! I've always felt uncomfortable with online dating, but it's becoming a thing. Especially when you're busy with work and your private life, it can become a chore going out in the real world to meet new people. I met one of my ex's through an online dating site, and he was a great guy, and we had a great relationship.