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A$ap Rocky is not too cool to admit he is influenced by another artist. The Harlemite has been the it guy in urban fashion for for the past couple of years. One of the first people in the fashion world to extend the hand to Rocky was Jeremy Scott. Rocky spoke highly of Scott last week, stating the designer “changed my life.”
The quote was taken from the upcoming Jeremy Scott upcoming documentary titled “The People’s Designer.” The film tells the story of the thoughtful kid from Kansas who slept on the streets to make it to where he is now. The dramatic pull of the documentary is centered around Scott's first show as creative director of Moschino.
Very few designers have their ear to the streets like Jeremy Scott. The Kansas native has done a great job meshing fashion and music together. Outside of Kanye, he may be the best high-fashion designer and blending those world’s successfully.
I can’t wait to see this documentary when it drops!
I'm gonna have to check this out
I loved his collaboration with Adidas. I feel like he was one of those designers who really was able to collab with an 'athletic wear' brand and turn it into more of a lifestyle aesthetic. I almost bought some of his stuff before, but yeahhhhhhhhhhhh... I'm confident but not that confident lol.
@danidee I agree it may be a bit early, but not in the streetwear realm. He's been creating quality pieces for awhile now.. I think in regards to high fashion you may have a bit of a point though.. I want to see this as well, but idk if I want to hit the theater for it, lol
Jeremy Scott's getting his own documentary? I feel like it's kind of soon. He's been a hot underground designer for a while, but it seems like he's just really starting to blow up. This looks like it's going to be a good documentary regardless. This trailer had a lot of great soundbites.