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Summer is upon us and that means that the State Fairs are gearing up to spread the joy of greasy, deep fried everything across the nation. I don't know about you, but I believe that nothing brings America together quite like heart attacks on a stick. So I have complied a list of the top 10 glorious foods you must try at your state fair.
I am not going to add the calorie count because I care about your happiness. Do yourself a favor and do not google it, just eat and be merry.
And if you think that these foods are crazy, check out my terrifying State Fair foods!
1. Blooming Onions
Yes I guess you can get them at Outback, but its just not the same. When I go to the fair the cart full of onions the size of my head always greets me right at the entrance, and of course my friend will walk no further until we get one. Served with at least 4 different dipping sauces this deep friend goodness is the best way to kickstart a fair day.
Just make sure you have some gum on hand.
2. Funnel Cake
Don't even try to avoid getting a funnel cake. They are sold at almost every cart and the smell of the delicious dough is everywhere. It even covers up the smell of cow most times!
Just do yourself a favor a put some time in-between the funnel cake and the rest of the will want to enjoy this.
3. Deep fried Mac and Cheese
I honestly should not have to say more....but I will. That stuff is crack. Whoever thought of this idea is my favorite person alive and if you know them, tell them I am ready to get married whenever they are.
4. Corn Dogs
The traditional food on a stick and I gotta say this is one classic thats has not been beaten, even though they now wrap pretty much everything that comes on a stick with bacon.
Actually, you can get a corn dog wrapped with bacon...or just a 1 footer corn dog. They just keep improving it!
5. Corn on the Cob
Don't worry there are some healthy cooked to perfection grilled corn on the cob that is smothered in butter! Okay, Okay, so it isn't that healthy but it is amazing. They actually take the corn and dip it in a huge vat of melted butter so every kernel is coated. Don't worry, they have numerous salt shakers to coat that baby up!
6. Deep fried Oreos
A classic desert, one that almost trumps the funnel cake...almost. There are now candy carts everywhere that will deep fry everything from Oreos to snickers. It's ok, you are allowed to drool, I am.
And while the ones I have just listed are pretty classic State Fair foods, we have some new creations that are skyrocketing to popularity! Hopefully this year they are at every State Fair because I am trying to taste them all!
Check out the newbie fair food that will rock your world...and your taste buds.
7. Krispy Kreme Burger
Im sure this is one you have all heard of in whispers and hush tones. The Krispy Kreme burger pretty much represents everything American, extremely unhealthy food and the willingness to go boldly where no foodie has ever gone before. But lets be real, it was probably created by someone who was high as hell when they made it up.
8. Deep Fried Butter
Honestly, what the fuck America. Specifically Iowa who just recently debuted this creation, and it is getting rave reviews. What actually hurts me more then the fact that this even exists is how badly I want to try it.
I need to try it. It even comes on a stick.
9. The Pizza Cone
How can something be so beautiful? This has started in Florida and if it hasn't spread to New York by the time summer starts to end, I'm taking a trip to Florida. Anything for you Pizza Cone, you own me now.
10. Fried Beer
Like what? I don't know how they do it but these State Fair geniuses have managed to deep fry alcohol. Which means they have just combined my two favorite things; eating and getting drunk.
Thank you Fair Gods, you have done the world well.
I tried a deep fried Twinkie once and it tasted like someone fried a piece of cake. (It was awesome, but definitely share with friends lol.)
@LizArnone yes yes yes!!!! So soooo gross!
@jlee37 are you telling me you hate funnel cake!!! What!!!!
Nooooo! You said the dreaded words! Funnel.Cake. Yuck gross gag bleeeeaaaaaaahhhhh! I have to go wash my eyes out!
@danidee i know sometimes the portions are just to much especially when you're trying to go on crazy rides! but that just means you get to sample more foods that your friends buy!