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Thanks @VinMcCarthy for these fun challenges! The original card is here if anyone else wants to participate in the challenge: 250 words or less on the subject of desperation.

I call it: Quiet Time

"Are we there yet?" "Not yet sweetie." "But moooom." "What is it sweetie?" "My finger hurts." "Did you put it on your brother's mouth again sweet-" "Are we there NOW?" Sigh. "Not yet sweetie." There is a two truck trying to merge. Poorly. Several seconds of blissfully uninterrupted top 500 hits playing on the radio before- "Moooooom." "What is it sweetie?" ""I have to go." "You just went." "Are we there yet." Close to tears. "Please stop asking me that sweetie." Tow truck's right blinker is on, and he is clearly trying to enter the left lane. A moment of contemplation. "Where are we?" "We're near Hartford, Connecticut." "How much longer?" "About an hour sweetie." Less than a minute paases before: "Has it been an hour yet?" Groan. "No sweetie. I'll tell you, okay? Please just relax." A second of consideration. "Mooooom?" Mom can feel a vein bulging in her forehead as tow truck cuts her off. "What." "Do we have any snacks?"
Mannnnnn, do I remember these days. I used to hate long car rides traveling out of town. I used to literally ask every 10 minutes what state we were in. Nice one Shannon!
oh man, I like this scene. I can imagine being in this position and desperately feeling the need to escape it. children are the worst.
No Problem! :)
Moments like these are way more effective than abstinence only sex ex @LizArnone lol
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