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At first glance, Sleeping with Other People looks like another romantic comedy but I think there's more to it than that after watching the trailer. While the premise behind the film comes off as a little vapid or ridiculous, it looks like the majority of the film will explore the complexity of male and female relationships.
I'm one of those people that really enjoy indie romantic comedies, so part of me is already very excited for this movie. But part of me feels like I'm probably going to be disappointed as well. I'm excited because the film looks like it will explore the spectrum of male/female relationships instead of placing the characters on a strict "yes they will/no they won't" sort of thing. But the other side that's expecting disappointment feels like the two characters will probably end up together. I don't know if this is a bummer but here's to hoping they don't.
Sleeping with Other People comes out on September 11, 2015
Um yeah I want to see this! I am sucker for these types of movies.
this looks cool, but I kinda want them to end up together because I love both of these actors so much