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Have you ever seen someone do something with their voice, and you flip about because you really don’t know how the heck they do it...No? Well you are about to have your mind blown.

1. Polyphonic Overtone Singing

Ok, so if you started watching this video you might be thinking. “Uh what is that and why does it sound so weird?” But this chick is super talented. Polyphonic overtone singing is essentially singing two notes at once...It’s pretty much taking the thought that you can only sing one note with your voice, and CRUSHING IT. Because this chick can sing two at once, adding dimension to her voice.
So yeah it sounds a little weird, but it’s pretty much making something seen as impossible...possible. And it takes some extreme talent and practice, not to mention a really good ear.

2. Sliding

A choir seamlessly works together to create harmony and dissonance, and that’s the beauty of choral singing. But when a choir does something that is both messy and perfectly arranged...working from one chord seamlessly sliding to another chord with a bunch of messy tones in between...what does that make? Sliding.
Here’s a great example of sliding done by a choir, it shows exactly how brilliantly sliding from one note to any other as a group can sound. Skip to 0:45 seconds to hear the slide. Or just listen to the song completely. It’s awesome.

3. Beatboxing and singing (at the same time!)

Probably one of the coolest things I’ve seen for vocalists is beatboxing and singing at the same time. Who need instruments when you have both the melody and beat coming from your voice? This is a perfect example of how to use your voice to create a song entirely.
Having control over your voice requires a lot of practice, and is also extremely hard to manipulate. "It is absolutely amazing that a person can make these sounds — that a person has such control over the timing of various parts of the speech apparatus,” phonetician Donna Erickson at the Showa University of Music and Sophia University stated. Science!