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Chemical peels are chemical treatments that are used to remove damaged layers of skin in hopes of improving your skin's overall appearance.

If you've been suffering from breakouts lately or just want to a fresh layer of skin, chemical peels might be your best bet. Although they can be a little more pricey compared to your homemade face scrub -- they're so worth it.
You're probably thinking, 'what's the catch?' Yes, like any product -- chemical peels have both pros and cons. If you're curious to what they might be, don't worry they aren't that bad and here's why.

Chemical Peels Tingle: I mean c'mon, it's a chemical what do you expect?

In order for the peel to work, the product has to peel away your dead skin. It doesn't feel as bad as it sounds, trust me. I wouldn't recommend something that wasn't safe.

You're Skin Will Peel: Think of a butterfly emerging from its cocoon.

Peeling is a huge factor when it comes to chemical peels. It may be disgusting, but just think about how beautiful your skin will look after the healing process is over.

Redness Will Occur: Unfortunately, your face will be red, but that's a good sign.

That's just a way of telling you that the healing process is underway. Five to seven days off work doesn't sound too bad? Take full advantage.

Sex and The City fans, Samantha feels your pain (literally), but don't worry -- it's worth it.