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It’s been a pretty rough couple of months for Iggy Azalea. Iggy cited a “creative change of heart” in canceling what would have been her first headlining tour. She was so tired of performing her last album music that she shut down all shows to work on new material. It doesn’t seem as if time at home is easing Iggy’s woes. Earlier this week, Iggy hit twitter stating her collaboration with Britney Spears, “Pretty Girls,” has been poorly promoted.
Iggy passed the buck on the lack of traction for the song, saying “ it's difficult to send a song up the charts without additional promo and tv performances etc. unfortunately i'm just featured…” She follows the tweet with another bold statement, “I would have enjoyed performing it a lot, i think it got off to a powerful start. but you need content to compete in 2015.”
I was shocked to see Iggy throw a blow at Britney. For starters, her info on the song is a bit off. True, the track barely cracked the top 30 on the charts, but it has been a huge success on Youtube, pulling 79 million views. I think it’s a bit early to call the song a flop. Once the stations gets behind the track, the song could take off.
Also, how can Iggy say she would love to perform the song if she refuses to go on the road? Iggy seems to be making more enemies than friends as of late. Spears is a titan in the industry, better to have her as an ally.
Iggy just needs to learn how to close her mouthpiece!
Exactly @christianmordi ! Going back over a decade. Early in Britney's career she worked with really talented artists and learned from them. Just because she had one hit didn't men she was slacking off, she kept busting ass to produce more.
@shannonl5 Yeah I think the commercial success Iggy saw from her last album has her pushing things a bit much. No offense to Iggy, but she's not big enough to invite Spears to on her tour, it's def the other way around.. I mean Britney has a catalog of hits
Oh wow I wouldn't have thought of that @christianmordi that's not the way to handle things. Britney is a HUGE star and Iggy's kind d of a one hit wonder right now. Have some humility!
@alywoah I've heard worse, but I agree this one is pretty bad. I just don't think Iggy shouldve handled it like that.. to be honest, I think she wanted Brit to be her tour buddy and she declined, that's why she made those statements
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