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Remember when 'webseries' was code for 'bad'? Thanks to the huge developments in digital videograpy (which have made high quality cameras more accessible) and the popularity of YouTube famous stars like Bo Burnham and John Green, the internet has become a home for indie filmmakers to showcase their work.

If you love DC, you know you'll have to wait a while before the next big film

Suicide Squad and Batman vs. Superman won't be out until next year. Season 2 of The Flash and season 4 of Arrow are scheduled for this fall, but that's months away! We'll probably get some awesome promotiomal footage from SDCC, but what if you don't want to wait?

Nightwing: The Series

When did the production values for unlicensed fan videos get so high? This is AWESOME. I don't want to spoil anything (seriously this is all on Youtube so you can see for yourself), but I will say that Oracle becomes a major part of this series. Which begs the question: why doesn't she have her own franchise yet?

Harley Quinn: The Webseries

This should win every award for 'Coolest Opening Sequence' because gosh. It's so sublte, but I feel like it really captures the theme of the story really well. This series explores the twisted relationship that Harleen Quinzel has with her villainous alter-ego, and features some amazing fight choreography. It's not quite a Nolanverse Harley story, but I think this might actually be better?

Joker Rising (Film)

"The epic full length fan film about the dark origins of the greatest villain of all time... The Joker! See where he came from, know his name and finally see what turned him into the clown prince."
Does what it says on the tin. This is no Health Ledger (since the man basically gave his life to that role, I'm kind of glad no one else has over reached to try and best him), but this is a really cool take on the Joker's origin story. Especially since in the comics the character basically had no idea where he came from, pretty much all fan speculation is fair game.

Ace The BatHound

My first introduction to DC's Universe was Batman: The Animated Series. That show was a masterpiece. Ace The BatHound pays homage to the incredible work done on TAS, emulating the design and tone of the series. The ending is going to destory you, but in the best way. Worth it?

Batman: Puppet Master

Ok just bear with me: what if Batman didn't go into hiding at the end of The Dark Knight? What of instead of a film that kind of glorifies the police, we had something like this instead? Aka the version of Gotham where everthing is terrible all the time. Granted, this is missing Tom Hardy as Bane, so it's not a perfect 'what if' story. But it's cool to think about, right?

Waiting is no fun.

Sure, it's great to have somrthing to look forward to, but the anticipation is agonizing. And waiting for the next awesome DC Cinematic experience can be kind of lonely. Hopefully you'll be able to enjoy these fan videos in the meantime!
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My favorite is the Harley Quinn one but I'm definitely biased because she's one of my favorite characters.