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Cupcakes in a jar--are you kidding me?! I am in love with this super cute (super easy) July 4th inspired diy. Make these for your girlfriends and have a blast this Saturday! Yes--it's this weekend, so get to the store now and get what you need to make these.

You need:

1/2 pint canning glass jars
1 box vanilla cake mix (or impress everyone by making the cake batter from scratch!)
blue food dye
red food dye
cream cheese frosting
festive sprinkles
Free Tomkat Studio printables here
craft skewers
double-sided tape
themed ribbon


1. Make your cake batter and separate into three bowls.
2. Use a couple drops of dye--one bowl red, one bowl blue, the other bowl left alone.
3. Use cupcake pans and bake a batch of red, blue and white cupcakes.
4. After they cool, split the cupcakes into two round pieces.
5. Make the most epic cream cheese frosting here.
6. Print the FREE Tomkat Studio printables here.
7. Cut out printables and tape back to back on the craft skewer
8. Fill 1/2 pint jars, layering the cakes with blue at the bottom and red on top. Add frosting between each layer.
9. Top each jar with a heap of frosting, festive sprinkles and the finished craft skewer.
10. Finish the look with a cute ribbon tied around the jar.
*Remember...these are you YOU AND YOUR GIRLFRIENDS. Let the boys eat something else. They can gorge on chips or protein bars!
I forgot to mention that you can get the cute jars at Hobby Lobby or Michael's. Thanks @allischaaff
Adorable!! I love jar desserts ^.^