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This so beautiful...he resembles Ren of Nu'est Name: Yoon Jeong Han  Born on October 4, 1995 He is part of the vocalists team Later ill put up a performance they the vocal team did when i introduce the rest of the team≧ω≦
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YESS. He really is beautiful. (´• ω •`) I'm not really suprised he looks like Ren because they are from the same company.. But they probably are gonna do a complete 360° on his style for their next comeback like they did with Ren. (≧▽≦)
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@StephanieDuong They most likely will and I'm super excited for it
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@chelsiec25 Haha. Me too! I'm excited to see what Seventeen will have in store for us.. ;)
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Meanwhile I'm sitting here terrified hahahah There isnt enough room in my heart for all these boys, I'm going to EXPLODE
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He looks adorable!!! ^^
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