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So after researching amazing state fair foods that everyone needs to try, I have realized that sometimes even State Fairs go way to far. I hate to break it to you but deep frying does not make everything edible guys!
So here is a quick but disturbing list of food that you a buy at some of the State Fairs around the U.S.A. A lot are at the Minnesota State Fair...
1. Deep fried wine Kale
I just don't understand why anyone would want to eat a deep fried leaf but apparently the state fair in Minnesota thought this was necessary. I guess the wine part is ok, but the whole combo just does not work for me. Give me a deep fried cauliflower anyway day of the week.
2. Kool-Aid Pickles
And here I was just trying to get use to deep fried cool-aid! I can not imagine a wonderfully delicious pickle tasting awesome while covered in super sugary, warm juice. I just don't get it and I am asking you nicely to stop.
3. Fried Cactus
Oh yeah, because when I think cactus I think, lets put that shit in my mouth. Why Texas whyyyyy? Why do people think it is ok to deep fry leaves? There is so many better foods to deep fry, like a sandwich. Leave the leaves for the health nerds, and just leave the spiky ones alone completely.
4. BBQ Pickle Ice Cream
Ok Minnesota, you had some good ideas but maybe you should quit while you're ahead. Pickles are staples at BBQs but there is no need to combine them into a dairy!
5. A Chocolate Covered Scorpion
I don't understand again Minnesota. Scorpions are terrifying, we should stick to eating things we aren't scared to death cows. Cows are good.
6. Mealworm Apple
I have one question Minnesota.......JUST WHY!? Has anyone actually brought this ?!
YO no reason to hate on fried veggies! Fried pickles are a St Louis staple and are amaaaaazing and same with fried artichokes!
@Gavriella @danidee yummmmmmmm i love pretty much anything Mexican so maybe ill give it a try one day!
@JordanNash omg i didn't even think of that!!! but i think its just weird for americans because in my travels i have found some weird snacks, chocolate covered ants being one of them. Ill stick to my deep fried kitkats
Oh my goodness. I cannot believe they put insects on food!!! And who would ever eat a scorpion (even if it is covered in chocolate)???!?!?! That has to be breaking some sore of food standard right??
Yeah I've actually had cactus and it's so good. I'd be down for fried cactus
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