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Hello, I'm Gus Benevolent

I should have done this earlier but please allow me to introduce myself. My real name is Hyun Lee. I'd been in a punk/hardcore/emo band called "99anger" before It banded about 2 years ago. Since then I've been doing my solo project. First project was under 'Hyun Lee Yang' later I changed to 'Gus Benevolent'. When you type 현(hyun) without switching it to Korean keyboard, you get 'Gus'. I'm a big fan of Gus Van Sant so I've decided to use that name and also 현(hyun) means benevolent in English(closer meaning). So that's how I made my stage name. To know more about Gus Benevolent, please visit those links. There are all in English.
Please visit my soundcloud account if you want to know more about Gus Benevolent
Thank you very much for you interest in Gus Benevolent. I know you guys who always like and leave good comments on each card. I feel very grateful!! : ) Sorry for the late introduction. Have a great one!
This is great! Thank you for the intro and welcome to the K-pop community here! We look forward to more music! :D
@GusBenevolent you too :D
@MattK95 Thank you very much, Matt!! Have a great one!! : )
@GusBenevolent well it's awesome to have you in this community ^^ I'm looking forward to seeing what you do next :D
@poojas Thank you! You encouraged me to do this. Hope this helps : )
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