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These pudding cups aren't merely patriotic, they're also made of OREO cookies! All right, now you have to make these!
As you can see, the ingredients for this is stuff you can find anywhere and easily:
3 packages White Chocolate Pudding (3.3 oz each) 5.5 cups milk Blue Oreos (if you can find them, otherwise the white filled are fine) Clear Cups Food Coloring Cool Whip
1. Line up your cups and fill the bottoms with crushed oreos.
2. Make the pudding according to the box instructions (for the blue and red layers only)
3. Did you forget to add the food dye? Don't forget. This dessert is a disaster without the dye.
4. For the white layer of pudding, ONLY USE 1.5 CUPS OF COLD MILK + 2 CUPS WHIPPED CREAM.
5. Layer the cups with the colored pudding. Remember the order: Red, White, Blue.
6. Top with crushed Oreos and put in the fridge to set up.
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So cute!!!