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(what y'all think of my title for the card. pretty creative right.) (haha just kidding :p) so I loved this video so much.!!! it was so funny.!!! I laughed throughout the whole MV. the song is perfect as always. I love my husband's bright orange hair. Hahaha sorry. I have a habit of calling GD my husband. well back to the MV. it's so fun and the colors are dull and then very bright because of their outfits. well either way. I still loved the MV. #BIGBANG #MADE #SOBER #GDRAGON #TOP #TAEYANG #SEUNGRI #DAESUNG
Yes, I see what you did with that title, very punny... Bad joke aside, I'm loving everything about this song and MV \(^-^)/
you get it right ^^ i absolutely fell in love with the song and the mv.!! @MattK95