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Don't you love it when idols show off their aegyo (regardless of how good they're at it)?
I really like to see this side of idols, whether it's on stage, in variety shows, or behind the scenes.

I'd like to share the best of idol aegyo with you guys each week. This week I chose EXO's adorable Do Kyungsoo!

Look at that confused face! I don't know what's cuter...his aegyo attempt or his look after!
No one does fangirling (fanboying?) better than D.O. That counts as aegyo, right guys?
Aegyo-scared face? Just accept it. Hahaha.
That was half a buing-buing. But we'll take it! ^^
I don't need to explain this one. Just...someone protect this precious man-child!
He's on to us! But we can't resist the aegyo!
Hope you guys like this!
(Sorry if I missed any other EXO or D.O. fans!)
Look forward to more aegyo show-offs each week at Best of Aegyo! ^_^
In the one where he was slapping his face was he actually fangirling (well boying)?
@danidee Awww, nooo he's not creepy, he's just 4D. @harmonico Of course! :D @KDramaKPop1015 Hahaha I feel you. He makes the best faces! And I think you did spell it right :D
@danidee He has mad acting skills. But it does make me sad to know that he was only a figment of an imagination instead of a person in the drama. Personally, D.O. doesn't even have to do agyeo. All he has to do is sit to have me fangirling. That and his eyes make him look so innocent!!!! Obviously I love D.O. 나는 디오를 사랑해! (I love D.O. I hope I spelled that correctly.)
Omg I always see him as the hallucination from It's Okay, That's Love, so even his aegyo is creepy lol.
Thank you for tagging me! He's so cute! I love the picture with the peace sign in front of his eyes. :) someone does need to protect this precious man-child!
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