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okay so I got into kpop in a weird way. it was around November of 2013 and I was watching all of Ryan Higa's videos and I got to the episode where JAY PARK was starring in and we'll I thought who is this sexy ass guy. and I started looking him up and then I saw a music video with JAY and Kim Hyun Joong 'Unbreakable' and then I saw another sexy beast so I started playing whatever mvs Youtube suggested and well here I am a big K-Pop fan. :D
and know I listen to kpop most of the time. my music playlist on my phone are all K-Pop songs. I got my mom into kpop since that's all I listen to when I drive and she has no choice but to love it. [Hahah;)] and besides kpop is so much better. I used to listen to alot of rap. Drake, Lil Wayne mostly. but the music and the music videos started getting more explicit for my taste. and kpop has everything.!!
sexy 남자's.!!!
more sexy 남자's.;)
sexy oppas as well.!!!
and well I realized their were many many too many sexy guys. I know over 100 different idols and actors by heart.!!
and I know Hangul. I can spell some words and I can say some words. 사랑합니다 everyone <3
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ha ha ha! I laughed so much! Thanks! Jay Park I ♡ him! I was so excited when i found out he was rapping in my bias song Unbreakable! HOT video with both him and my Kim Hyun Joong! oh no fangirling mode coming on! must go watch Unbreakable! LOL!
Hahaha well I couldn't tell I lie. i got into kpop because of two sexy men and Ryan. ;) @AngelJoong86
jay and rayn Higa!!!!:')
I got imtoroduce by Ryan higa too!!!! woah!!!!
really.!!! Hah thats so weird and cool at the same time. Ryan did us a big favor.!! :) @TashaBitner