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Taylor Swift is a fan of Hilary Duffs and most people are saying, "Well duhhhhhhh". But it's more than that because Swift only points out artists that she really likes. And this has to be a kind gesture of Swift (Current Queen of Pop) to give a nod to Duff (2000's Disney Superstar). It's definitely worth noticing. Duff's new album, Breathe In. Breathe Out. had an okay start but temporarily beat out Swift for a few days which is a feat in itself.
Hilary has been very vocal in interviews that she really admires Swift.
When a fan asked Taylor what her favorite song was on Duff's album, Swift responded with an obvious "BREATHE IN BREATHE OUT OBVIOUSLY". And if you look closely, Swift wrote #CAPS LOCK SHOWS OUR EXCITEMENT .... awwww Duff has Taylor Swift as a fan.
The album is very fun and peppy. My personal favorite song on the album is called Confetti. It's a really fun, upbeat tune and I'm glad to see Duff coming back into her own. It's time to bring back the legendary Lizzie McGuire star even though she is far beyond that.

Reality Star. Disney Star. Pop Star.

Taylor Swift and Hilary Duff are no strangers though. Back in the day, the two did a photo shoot together and from the pictures, the girls seemed to really get along. Little did Duff know that the girl she was standing next to then would become one of the biggest pop sensations to hit the planet. Duff simply passed on her crown you could say. Regardless, I love them both!
But let's talk albums, who loves Duff's album too!?
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LOve the photo of all three with Lauren. The three of them look like bridesmaids to the same wedding.