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No one really likes Cheap Trick. I don't think I need to explain why. They just kinda suck, all around.
But sometimes a band catches lightning in a bottle, and everything breaks their way at a particular moment.
That seems to be precisely the case with this version of "I Want You to Want Me," which is the only Cheap Trick song that has ever been worth even considering listening to.
This live version is way beyond that baseline level of 'eh, it's OK, I guess, and it outshines the rest of their awful awful music'. It's actually good! There's a really cool level of energy in this live version that is difficult for me to assign to the band members shown in the above photos. They look like a bunch of losers, and that's what I've pegged them as my whole life, but they sound great here.

Do you buy it? Is it all a farce? Do Cheap Trick actually suck?

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Cheap trick is one of those bands that you always forget about, but sneaks up on you. They write good music