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Anyone miss his electric blue hair? I think it needs to make a comeback!
He looks good with his hair up or down. Does this man ever not look flawless?
This one captured his beautiful cheekbones perfectly!
Eyebrow game on point! That gaze as well! Ah, too much perfection!!!
Okay, just one more blue hair fanart...I promise!
I think I am obsessed with his hairstyle...it's just so...beautiful!
Yep, I definitely am. I wish I could draw fanart too!
And this last one is my favorite! I really love the art style and lighting. The lyrics are from a Arctic Monkeys song and it relates perfectly to his character in the movie Tazza 2!
Look forward to more of this at K-pop fanart! ^_^
It seems like a lot of TOP fans like him with the platinum hair lol.
@PassTheSuga I like!!! @danidee I like all of TOP especially his derpy bingu side
What do you guys think? @PassTheSuga @aabxo @stevieq @Ambie ^_^
He's hott ^^