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I said I'd love you til I died
You told me that could be a long, long time
As the years went passing by,
the weight of forever loomed upon my mind
so wrapped up in one another
we've got too much to lose
so much time together
lucky there's nothing left to prove
It's easy to stay with you
I don't know anything sweeter
all this time and nothing left to do
what will we tell our maker when we meet her?
we'll tell her we met on a windy day
where the clouds were like curdled milk
speaking the words we had to say
your skin as soft as silk
we'll tell her we loved with all we had
trying not to think about the end
We spent all time together, good and bad,
Because it was the best time we had to spend.
and when we died in each other arms
I swear we were poetic
I'd done my best to prevent all harm
to the lover's sweet aesthetic.
Today's poem comes from a lyric of the day that's a bit longer, but still a good one. It's from the song "Dead Eye" from band Middle Class Rut
"You can’t escape the feeling, it’s in everything you do
Consider yourself lucky that you have as much to lose
And try not to waste your life, thinking about the end
The message and the meaning, well you knew it all along
The thing about forever it goes on and on and on"