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One-Second Gifs to Fill your Leap-Second Tuesday
The June 30th leap-second. It’s a new thing. Scientist have discovered that we have an extra second to spare, so we picked a nice day to have it. “Earth’s rotation is gradually slowing down a bit, so leap seconds are a way to account for that,” said Daniel MacMillan of NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland.
Here’s what that means fully explained for all you science people:
Just before 8 p.m. ET, the world's official timekeepers will add a leap second in order to keep our clocks in sync with Earth's rotation. It's the 27th such adjustment since the practice began in 1972. They're doing this because it takes just a bit longer than 24 hours for Earth to make one complete rotation on its axis: right now, around 86,400.002 seconds, rather than 86,400 even. So in order to keep our clocks matched up with solar noon, the time at which the sun is the highest in the sky, we add a leap second every few years.
So what exactly can you do in this extra second of time for your day? Watch stupid things on the internet of course! Here are some funny gifs to fill your surprise second of time:
Magic high-five second!
Sandwich Second.
Trippy design second.
Ouch second.
Dancing Second.
Cereal Second.
(ok, this one is a bit longer, but it’s too good.)
Happy extra second Tuesday!
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