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You've been seeing each other for a couple months and everything seems to be going great, all except one thing -- you have no official title.

Most people would say that titles are so two decades ago, but sometimes that reassurance is needed. Being title-less and having strong feelings for someone can be a recipe for disaster. Nobody wants to fall head over hears for someone and have absolutely no clue where things are going. If you're confused about where you're heading in your relationship, these are tell tale signs to help you determine if you're going steady with your beau -- or at least heading in the right direction.

He Calls Just To Check Up On You:

Texting is the norm of today's communication, but if a guy is taking the time out to dial your number just to check on you -- you've got yourself a good thing. Most guys only pick up the phone to call their mom and to order pizza.

He Brings You Around His Friends:

If he willingly introduces you to the homies, there is no doubt that you're not making your way to the top. If they end up liking you, that's even more of a plus.

He Introduces You To His Parents:

This is a huge factor. If he introduces you to this parents, that's your cue to be yourself and let your personality do the talking. Once you meet the parents, you're feet are in the door -- literally.

He Feels Most Comfortable Around You:

Whether he comes to your house and runs straight for your fridge or constantly farts in the car -- if he's that comfortable around you, you have absolutely nothing to worry about.

He Pays (Regardless) Whenever You Two Go Out:

Okay, so of course this should be the norm, but it's not. Not every guy is diggin' a chick enough to pay for her every time they go out -- even if he initiated the outing. The world we live in. Just know if he's paying and tells you to order whatever you like, then you're staying.

He Accepts The Fact That You're Crazy:

As women we can sometimes over do it with our emotions. "It's just emotions taking me over..", sang Destiny's Child. If he can deal with your crazy emotional roller coasters -- he's the one for you.

He Admits He Loves You:

Sometimes it's easier for a guy to show his feelings through his actions than his words. If he musters up the courage to tell you that he loves you -- as long as he shows you, what more do you really need?