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Thanks to @VinMcCarthy for another great challenge. Here's my submission.
I was desperate, once. I remember it well.
That day, the sun rose, and it set.
I started with breakfast, moved on to lunch and then dinner.
That day it was sunny for a while; later, clouds rolled in. I think I listened to music for a while, and I remember reading a newspaper.
During the day I was angry, briefly; for moments at a time I was sad, for hours I was happy. I probably had a drink, and I probably watched TV. I met a stranger, I spoke to a friend, I greeted a dog in the street. I sat in traffic; I took a train.
My shoe came untied, but I fixed it up, and I was quickly on my way again.
@VinMcCarthy interesting. That's not really what I was getting at but I like the interpretation. I was trying to convey something about a daily desperation. A sense that every day you wake up desperate, for something. So you're right in a sense- it's a desperation for there to be something, anything. But the inspiration for the piece is that each day is a fight for something.
I like this. it's a quiet story, which kind of speaks to me about a quiet desperation, a desperation for there to be anything at all, something different. I don't know if that's what you were going for but that's what I pulled out of it