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Kanye West knows how to ruin a good thing with a silly statement.
Kanye performed last week at the Glastonbury Music Festival. The Chicago native was electric, gliding across the stage while performing "Yeezus" and "Yeezy Taught Me.” He bought out Bon Iver's Justin Vernon for a melancholic extended version of "Lost in the World" and "Hold My Liquor." We even got Yeezy got a full performance of "FourFiveSeconds.” (with Kanye singing Rihanna’s part.)
All was well,until Kanye jumped off the bridge with a bold statement: “I am the greatest living rock star on the planet.”
The Rolling Stones are still alive. Paul McCartney is still alive. Bruce Springsteen is still kicking. I wonder what space Kanye was in when he thought he had any of those guys within their genre.
I doubt we will get a classic Kanye apology for this one, which means we are stuck sitting in this statement forever.
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@Jeff4122 I will say this though, he is a titan in regards to production.. on his worst day he's the Dr.Dre of our era, probably bigger. His sound has moved with the times as well, I think he may be one of the best of our time in regards to production, top 3 at least
definitely agree @christianmordi. i think he blows what Dre did out of the water, although i admit i'm much more in the loop now than i was when Dre was doing it. But Kanye has changed the game dramatically with each project he completes
LOL As much as we can credit him for quite a few great albums, I feel like even just 'rock star' is a bit of a stretch..
kanye is the greatest everything
Wow he is an idiot!