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Music festival fashion can be a point of contention amongst concertgoers and fashionistas alike, but often if you look hard, you'll find tons of looks to be inspired by and model your own style off of. Where music festivals are, these days street style photographers follow, and I'm rounding up the best looks from Glastonbury, the English festival that just happened this past weekend. Glastonbury is notoriously rainy in true British fashion, so seeing how attendees keep dry and also cool in the most fashionable way is always interesting.
This gal breaks up an otherwise monochrome look with different textures. From the printed top to the leather leggings to the classic rubber boots, she would look cool enough, but those sunglasses really make the look a slam dunk for style.
Because as I've said before, two stylish pals are better than one. On a grey day, they bring enough color to brighten the festival grounds, and lift the mood with infectious laughter.
There's so much kitschy normcore going on in this photo that we have to hand it to the lady; she looks like a hot mom ready to take on a party. The smile wins us over, and her overall look is definitely functional in fickle weather, that's for sure.
A music festival is the best place to try wearing overalls. Her overall dress is even cuter than shorts, and layered over leopard, we barely notice the wet hair. Note that sunglasses are the best cover for rain-damaged eye makeup, and her statement sunnies elevate the look!
Style star Poppy Delevingne made an appearance, as most British stars tend to do at this festival, looking as pretty and polished as ever, without a speck of mud on her hunters. Her fringed top almost makes us believe Poppy can be downtown rocker cool like Cara.
Bikini tops as shirts! With pants as voluminous as hers, and a bolero as intricately embellished, you barely notice her bareness and can't help but be jealous of the cool she oozes.
Athleisure makes its way to England. For gymwear, she certainly looks put-together, without a hair out of place. I can't help but wonder if this was taken the second she arrived at the rainy, muddy, and messy festival.
English model Daisy Lowe rocked Ghostbusters-chic in a green jumpsuit unbuttoned to give a sultry peek of her lacy bra (and full view of her Chanel necklace!).
A shirt doubles as a colorful accessory on a monochrome outfit tied around the waist when the sun comes up. Plus, her angular necklace is so cool, you almost don't notice her muddy hiking boots!
Overall, Glastonbury style was happy, messy, offbeat, and carefree. It makes me want to throw on a cool romper, slip into some wellies and play in the rain!
When ISN'T Daisy Lowe the most adorable person in the world?
I want to go to Glastonbury so badly!
@danidee I know! I have to feature her in a card soon, she just always looks so cute