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I love how easy and straight forward this tutorial is. The products for this tutorial are from the Tie Dye Alex set. But my mom still has all my dance Lycra from gymnastics that I am going to use instead of buying something.
Those are the best diy projects, anyway. Just use what you have around the house. Don't make a big deal; use what you got.
To get your hair in this simple unfussy bun, click here to see what @HairConfetti created.
@DaniaChicago aaaaah Thank you so muuuch! :D now it's better
Oh, I see. I just took two strips of lycra. One red and one blue. Don't worry about the yellow. I formed a cross with the two strips and grabbed the ends to loop them together. Then wrapped around my head and tied a knot. I cut off the excess lycra from the knot so it wasn't bulky. Hope that helps. Thanks for pointing that out.
starting 2nd picture I didn't understand what age you doing the 3rd pick how did you get the two colors stuck together then 4th and 5th .. :(
Hi @Sophiaferra What part was confusing? I would love to explain it better. thanks
I didn't understand 馃槼