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Kendall and Kylie Jenner have been their own individuals for as long as anyone can remember. Though they've had their ups and downs, the two have now come to an age where they can buy their own residencies. Kendall going for an apartment and Kylie going for a house. Don't get me wrong, both have homes that are larger than the average public can afford. However, looking through their places, one would wonder who's home is the better place to live. You decide.
For an apartment in LA, Kendall is living the life. Look at those amenities!!! She has everything she needs right at her finger tips and it's still very close to home. With Kendall flying all over the world for shoots and fashion shows, she only needs a luxurious apartment to head home to when she's not working. To be honest, I'm quite surprised she doesn't have an apartment in New York City too because she seems to be in the city frequently. If you have that much money, I don't see why you wouldn't get one there too.

Kendall's Apartment

Between the two, I think I love this more than the house. It's very adult yet still fun and sizable enough for a young adult. It's very modern with the city outside her back door. I think it's much more appropriate for her age and who wouldn't want to say, " Oh don't mind me, I'm just going back to my million dollar apartment over looking LA. And look at those amenities again...SCORE. Who needs more than one guest bedroom at her age anyway? And her location is bomb.
Kylie on the other hand has been extremely ambitious to move out of her parents home at age 17 yet she hasn't quite left the nest. She's still living in Calabasas and is minutes away from home. It's quite odd she got such a large house for being so young. She is looking to settle down in LA for now not really looking to travel much like her sister. And with a new house and boyfriend Tyga, there's really no reason to want to be anywhere else.

Kylie's House

I absolutely adore the chandeliers in these photos. The open windows are really nice and I love the living and dining room area. It seems cozy but also somewhat bland but of course, Kylie hasn't decorated it to her own liking. Also, I don't think the house is pretty at all on the outside. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder though and who wouldn't be jealous that she has her own mansion at age 17?
SO who's home are you more in love with?
I'm pretty sure my entire part meet could fit in one of those bedrooms T_T
I think I like Kylie's house a little bit better because I love the high ceilings. But honestly, I would way happy with either :)
The apartment is much cozier. There's something about the house that makes it seem cold and empty.
I love the apartment a lot more too! Especially since I'm weirdly drawn to that twisted branch piece on Kendall's coffee table. I love really modern, urban interior design, so we've got really similar tastes!
they're both amazing! but im def loving the apartment. not too much, but just enough.
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